Work Experience at Barclays

By Rachel Keegan and Hannah Foster

Barclays Work Experience

During our time at Barclays we gained an insight into how a worldwide business operated. This involved us speaking to different members of staff, in a variety of job roles, and finding out what their experience is like at Barclays. This was really enjoyable as all the staff were really friendly and made us both feel very comfortable. In addition, this allowed us to change our stereotypical perspective of people who worked in business and made us realise that many people in this industry are very kind and welcoming.

When spending time in different sections of Barclays, such as premier banking, it was pleasing to see that customer service was the most important thing. Staff are willing to form friendly relationships with customers and to be able to give them the best service as possible. For example, video chats are available within premier banking as some clients would rather be able to see who they are talking to instead of only being able to speak to them on the phone. I enjoyed witnessing that Barclays are not just a business trying to make a profit, but instead focusing on trying to make their customers happy.

Our experience was unlike any other work experience we have engaged in before

Working at Barclays has given us great experience which will be useful for our futures. We were able to witness and understand some of the essential components which make up a successful business and gave us a great insight into how the business is ran. We found it extremely encouraging to discover that Barclays offer an array of exciting and different opportunities to assist people who wish to develop and further their careers. Throughout our work experience at Barclays we have been able to view and understand the potential career prospects that working within a business can offer, and this has helped us to confirm that this is the career path we would like to pursue.

Furthermore, Barclays has also helped us by informing us of all the different apprenticeships that they offer. This has been beneficial to us as it made us realise that a widespread of apprenticeships are available and university is not the only option. We talked to many people who have completed the range of apprenticeships who stated that they would recommend it to anyone that is willing to work hard.

We would highly recommend work experience for students at Barclays. Our experience was unlike any other work experience we have engaged in before; we gained a real understanding of how a worldwide company operates and what is needed to be successful. Barclays work experience has been extremely beneficial in guiding us in the next steps of our futures and has given us valuable experience of a fulltime working job.