Oxford Residential

Students get a taste of Oxford June 2022

Y12 students recently visited  Trinity College London to experience university life there. The visit days are designed to give students a taste of undergraduate life at the University of Oxford. Students were given a tour, led by an Oxford student, they visited the library and everything it had to offer, the Great Hall, treated to a three-course evening meal and finally visiting the college Cathedral and student accommodation.

There was a timetable of events organised by Christ Church College. This began with a valuable introduction to studying at Oxford, with emphasis on the unique tutorial system. This was followed by a session on personal statements then onto talks in subject areas that students were interested in, giving them the opportunity to ask questions regarding specific courses.

The experience of visiting Oxford is invaluable to anyone contemplating an application. It was particularly helpful in demonstrating the inclusive nature of the institution towards students from all countries and all walks of life and gave students in insight into Oxford University life.

Here is a sample timetable of the day:

10:30 Welcome by Access Office
10:45 General Higher Education / University of Oxford Talk
11:45 Meet current undergraduate students for a Q&A
12:00 Lunch with undergraduate students
12:30 College tour
13:00 ‘Thinking and Learning at University’ Oxplore Workshop
14:00 Taught session at a museum or subject department e.g. ‘ Object Handling’ at the Pitt Rivers Museum or ‘Collections Up Close’ at the Bodleian Library
15:15 End of the day

This trip gives students a wonderful experience of what it would be like to study at one of the most world- renowned Universities.