St. Vincent’s Fundraising

St Vincent Fundraising

Supporting St. Vincent’s – A specialist school for sensory impairment and other needs

St Vincent’s school is a charity-run school dedicated to educating and helping children who live with sensory Impairment. The school does a fantastic job in helping care and prepare their students for their later lives; the school provides them with the best possible start for their future. Established in 1850, the school has a long and successful tradition of excellence in the education and care of children with a visual impairment. St Vincent’s has received “outstanding” reports from OfSTED Education and Care Inspection December 2008, OfSTED Care 2010, 2011. The school is a credit to the local area and we, students at Rainford Sixth Form, thought we could contribute to its success by fundraising and supporting the work it does.

Raising appearances

The school has two residential units, and its music rooms consisted of a very bland design, which was not very simulating for the students. This gave Rainford Sixth Form the opportunity to support the school for all the good work that they do by improving the music rooms; this would also benefit the children’s musical experiences. Rainford Sixth Form raised substantial amount of money through different types of fund raising methods such as cake sales and fancy dress. With this money the students purchased paint, painting equipment and various other decorative items to improve the appearance and sensory value of the music room.

Making a difference

Ten students from the Sixth Form then volunteered their Saturday to go to the school and paint both of the music rooms. By the end of the day the music rooms looked better than ever before and included different decorative items which would engage the students during their music time.

It’s our pleasure

Last week, two students from St Vincent’s came into Rainford High Technology College during an assembly to thank the Sixth Form students for what they did to improve the music rooms. As well as raising awareness about the outstanding work both schools are doing, it is hoped that this article will encourage those who read it to donate too. St Vincent’s is a charity organisation and the school will gratefully receive any donations. Your generosity means a great deal to the children so please keep in mind what the school does for its students. Rainford Sixth From is committed to supporting the fantastic work they do and continue to work in close partnership with them.