Rainford students meet Charlie Adlard

Recently, 6 students from Rainford Sixth Form were given the opportunity to interview The Walking Dead comic book artist and recently appointed British Comic Book Laureate Charlie Adlard at his home.

After sharing his story in an “Employability Week” set up by Rainford College last July, Marvel comic book editor Tim Quinn was invited back to the Sixth Form to create a magazine publication with a section of budding media students. Their future career aspirations ranged from producers to journalists to photographers, which gave a chance for the publication, called Mixed Messages, to be as creative as their hearts desired. Tim’s time at Rainford included 4 workshops with roughly 20 students, all with the same passion for the media. Within these workshops, ideas were a plenty due to the creativity of Quinn and the students own input allowed these concepts to develop.

The students involved also benefitted from some very useful opportunities that were made possible due to Tim’s contacts in the media industry. This included two students, Joshua Bottell and Alexandra Wilson, visiting Bay TV studios in Liverpool to watch and help with a live TV recording of “The Everton Show”. But the “centrepiece” of this publication would be the feature on one of the men that helped shape The Walking Dead into the global phenomenon it is today, Charlie Adlard. The comic book artist, born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, is one of the most well-known names in the comic book business, and with a recent British Comic Book Laureate title under his name was a very fitting interviewee for this feature.

On 11th January 2017, 6 lucky students were given the opportunity to interview Adlard about his successful career, as well as this recent achievement he has gained, and to also gain an insight about his personal life and hobbies. This is all while improving the students’ confidence asking a well known figure some challenging questions, including “what is your opinion of the perception of comic books in the UK?” and “How is your side career in a rock band?” which allowed Adlard to give detailed answers, inspiring the students, as well as interesting them in other aspects of his life.

Rainford College student Tara Butler described her experience “I had a great time meeting and interviewing Charlie about his life, it’s crazy to think that signing up for a workshop like this could present me with the opportunities it has and has made me learn a lot in such a short space of time”. She added “It has helped me with my future career aspirations, and I would recommend it to anybody that ever gets to create a publication.” “It helps with creativity, teamwork and independence, all aspects that I will need in later life”.