Oxford University visit

Armed with a selection of questionable musical playlists and an abundance of snacks, the 28th of June saw ten of Rainford’s ‘Oxbridge’ group and two of the Sixth Form staff bound for the University of Oxford in order to see what the prestigious institution had to offer. It would be fair to say that prior to the trip, many of the group had a variety of misconceptions about the university and didn’t really know what to expect of our two days there (apart from feeling rather Northern) however we soon found that there was much more to the city than our preconceived stereotypes.

After a long minibus journey, we arrived in Oxford at Christ Church College; one of the oldest colleges in the university. Immediately we were struck by the beauty of the city, with medieval architecture and bustling cobbled streets at every turn – even the Tesco and McDonalds were found in old stone buildings! Upon our arrival at Christ Church, we were shown to our rooms within the college accommodation and given time to settle in before our guided tour of all the facilities and sights.

That evening, after leaving to explore the city, we returned to be treated to a three course meal in the college dining hall which bore a striking resemblance to that of Hogwarts…  Surrounded by portraits of royalty hanging upon every wall of the hall, we chatted and reflected on a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon before retiring our rooms for an early night prior to an exciting day ahead of us.

The next day arrived swiftly and after another meal in the college dining hall, the group dispersed off around the city to attend subject specific lectures, admissions talks, visit other colleges and continue exploring Oxford. All of the students agreed that the day had been interesting, informative and enjoyable in equal measure and as we returned to the minibus to journey back to Rainford there was a definite buzz in the air as we discussed what we had found throughout the day, with each and every one of us feeling inspired by our experiences.

In addition to attending the Oxford open day, some of the group decided to venture down south again the following week to visit rival and equally prestigious university, Cambridge. Those of us who did were once again wowed and inspired by what we saw, visiting our subject specific talks as well as general admissions lectures and the beautiful colleges dotted around the city.

Every member of the Oxbridge group would like to thank Catherine and Grant for making the trip possible, as well as running the Oxbridge programme and tolerating our (sometimes) tuneful singing along the M6. After such an enjoyable and inspirational couple of weeks, the students have really acquired the motivation to make the most of our remaining year at Rainford in which we will be applying to these prestigious universities along with others from the Russell Group, and preparing for exciting things to come.

By Becky Marsh Y12