Careers related to studying Sociology:

If you choose to study Sociology, you will become adept at arguing a point, understand different sociological perspectives and understand the world by thinking outside of the box. As a result, Sociology students can be found in more or less every industry where you work with people from media to social work and teaching to legal work.

You could consider careers in: media, journalism, teaching, the police, social work, and many more.

Course content:

Through studying this course, you will increase your power of knowledge and analysis and further your knowledge of critically examining how society is structured. You will also develop the ability to express yourself in written and oral forms and to learn how to formulate opinions based on the sociological perspectives of others.

Such ideas include, why is there an increase in single parents in modern society? Why are more men in prison in comparison to women? Why are rich people more likely to have better life chances?

Entry requirements:

You must have achieved at least a grade 5 in GCSE English Language.

Subject specific events:

You will be encouraged and supported in entering a variety of related essay and/or story writing competitions.

You will also take part in a trip to the local university to see how Sociology can advance your life at degree level.

You will be visiting the local courts to enhance your understanding of crime in society.

Methods of study:

There are five lessons per week which are divided between two topics for the exam. Teaching groups tend to be between eight and sixteen in number, and the course is taught through a range of teaching and learning strategies.

These strategies include group discussion (whole group, small group and pairs), close reading and scan reading. You will also prepare presentations (individual, paired or small group) and will report back on your findings. You will regularly have class debates and have a chance
to voice your opinions and you will also complete an independent investigation on research methods.

Much of your work will be produced independently. However, there are frequent opportunities to share ideas either prior to, during or after written assignments. You should expect to complete approximately 5 hours of independent study outside of your lessons. This could include: reading, research, essay writing or other activities. In order for you to take full advantage of the course it is also recommended that you immerse yourself in the wider reading of any suggested reading from your Tutor and from the Social Sciences Discovery list.

Methods of assessment:

Paper 1 Education with theory and methods

You will study how the education system impacts on different individuals and study differential educational achievement considering race, social class and gender. You will then complete an independent investigation on research methods.

Paper 2 Topics in Sociology

You will study how the family has changed over the years and the implications of this on society. You will also study beliefs in society, whilst critically examining why people may choose to believe and why there has been an increase in sects and cults.

Paper 3 Crime with theory and methods

You will study why people are criminal in society and what makes them a criminal. You will study societal reaction to criminals and deviants and examine the theory and methods component of the course.