Law at Rainford Sixth Form – attending the Queen Elizabeth Liverpool Crown Court.

Over the past few months, several Sixth Form students have been attending the Queen Elizabeth Liverpool Crown Court as a form of ‘law-based’ enrichment. This is our experience.

Upon arrival, we have to go through a metal detector and then decide upon on a case that we wish to attend. There are various cases to choose from, ranging from a complex fraud case to a high profile murder inquiry. We then have to find the corresponding floor and room and ask the usher if we would be allowed to observe the proceedings. On one occasion, we watched a harrowing sexual offence case. Other cases that we have viewed have included the sentencing of a man convicted of a D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence) and a robbery with the possession of a knife.

Watching these cases, we gain an understanding of what a real-life courtroom consists of and what it is like to shadow a case. It also provides an experience of the subject that we are studying and gives an insight into whether we would like to pursue the subject in Higher Education or as a career. Overall, this has been a wonderful experience, getting to view a wide variety of cases and has been extremely beneficial in terms of furthering our education – equipping us with valuable knowledge should this become our chosen career path. This experience is highly recommended for students who are considering taking the subject of Law at Rainford Sixth Form or at university.

By Nicole Molyneux (Y12 student)