Knife Savers

On 29th January, Mr Nikhil Misra, a Consultant Trauma Surgeon at Aintree University Hospital, visited Rainford Sixth Form to deliver training on how to treat a life-threatening bleed caused by a knife injury. Our students were the first in the country to undertake this new course, and they spoke highly of it.

They were taught how to control blood loss using pressure and first aid equipment (gauze and dressings to stuff and cover the wound), how to treat a tension pneumothorax (using a chest seal), and they had the opportunity to practice these skills on life-sized training manikins.
Dr Misra also highlighted that a knife attack victim (without treatment) could bleed out within 5 minutes, and the reality that, on average, an ambulance will only arrive after 7 minutes. He used this evidence to emphasise the importance of our role as first aiders.
By the end of the session, students felt more confident that in the event of a knife injury, they would have the skills and understanding to aid in the attempt to save a life.
For more information about KnifeSavers, visit or download the KnifeSavers mobile app.

By Josh Ascroft (Y12 student)