In it to Quinn  it

Charismatic former Marvel comic book editor Tim Quinn visits Rainford to produce publication with budding Media enthusiasts.

By Kieran Ford

Reflecting on the 3 workshops we’ve had win Tim Quinn so far, 3 words I would use to describe him would be: Enthralling, unpredictable, and crazy! The sheer personality of the man has helped the experience of producing a magazine one that is unmissable and fascinating. I have learnt that to survive in the world of attracting an eager audience, a mindset is needed similar to his. You need to have a wild imagination, smart instincts and a satirical view on almost everything (something that in the laughable year of 2016 is easier than ever).

We have managed to combine the huge variety of career aspirations from producers to journalists to artists, and are ready to apply our plethora of ideas into a publication that will be fit to appear on any shelf in any high street shop. Tim expects a professional publication and that is what we have to deliver. His rules for what we can include are basically that there are none, and that our imaginations are the only things stopping us from achieving something that will certainly have our stamp on it.

Our publication is to be produced in a couple of week’s time and the unpredictability of the contents is sure to entice a potential audience. By creating such a magazine, we are ironically recreating the personality that Quinn has shown us in these past few weeks. We have learnt how to work effectively as a team and to connect many different personalities and stories into one joint effort. It has prepared us for what a real job in media would be like, as there has been an expectation to produce content that will fit the desires of a required audience, which has helped us to produce work and brainstorm ideas of a higher standard.

Working with a legend of the comic scene such as Tim has opened our eyes into what is needed to have a chance of succeeding in the ruthless, competitive field of the media. Although times have changed since Tim was our age as regards to the media, the sole aim of any media company has remained the same, to attract an audience, and that is what we intend to do with our publication.