Fundraising for St Vincent’s School for Visual Impairment

After a special assembly to Y12 students in March 2018 – in which two visually impaired students from St Vincent’s presented and played drums – Sixth Form students developed a range of ideas how to raise money for the children of the school.

Each form group were given four weeks to make and sell a product in order to raise money for the school, which has about 30 staff members and approximately 30 students, aged from 5 to 19 years old with a range of visual impairments. St Vincent’s School aims to equip its pupils with skills like Mobility (the ability to travel safely and independently), Braille (a tactile means of reading raised dots through the use of the fingertips) and generating career opportunity through vocational routes such as Maggie May’s cafe and the production of ceramic art. Developing these skills is vital for visually impaired students as, according to RNIB statistics, the unemployment rate is about 85% for V.I. people.

Week one consisted of team building, idea development and identifying roles. The team building involved forms having to participate in an ‘eye contact’ task which involved students partnering up and staring into the other person’s eyes for 60 seconds. Making eye contact is sometimes difficult for people as it can feel awkward and avoid making eye contact. Next came deciding on each persons role in each form. Roles included a ‘business advisor’, a design team, a purchasing team, a marketing and social media team and a sales team. There were also other roles
involved in the organisation such as the ‘managing director’ who would oversee all of the organisational roles, and a ‘finance director’ and a ‘sales director’. Teams had to decide what it was that they wanted to make and sell, and then develop these ideas into ones which were innovative and different to other forms. Each form was given a £25 float to buy the materials needed to produce their products. For example, my form decided that we were going to make a game where people could win prizes, instead of us selling things; we thought this would be something different and fun. The game we came up with was called ‘Sweetie Pong’. The idea was that there would be a range of cups on a table which the player had to try to bounce a ping-pong ball into in order to win bags of sweets. Other forms made cakes, put on a football game, had a chocolate fountain, hosted a ‘guess the name’ of the teddy bear and sold sweets and chocolates.

During week two, forms had to produce posters and campaigns for marketing strategies in order to advertise their products. Marketing their products to get other students excited about their product or idea before the day when all the forms sold their products. Week three consisted of each form manufacturing their product and pulling together their idea before the day where everyone would sell their products on the 29th of March which was the last day of term in week four. During this day the Sixth Form managed to raise approximately £300 for St Vincent’s, and we have
been invited to the school to present the cheque to the pupils and enjoy a tour of the building, which was built in 1899. This money will help the school to to provide educational equipment and enrichment that supports the learning of the pupils.