Language and Literature A-Level

Careers related to studying English Literature:

If you choose to study English Language & Literature, you will develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills. You will become an expert in textual analysis and be able to craft a variety of genres of writing.

English Language & Literature students fill a variety of roles in most industries from editor to academic, or legal advisor to manager. You could consider careers in a range of areas: media, publishing, TV and radio, copywriting, events management, teaching and journalism.

Methods of study:

There are four lessons per week which are divided between two subject specialists. Teaching groups tend to be between eight and sixteen in number, and the course is taught through a range of creative and innovative teaching and learning strategies.

You will also prepare presentations (individual, paired or small group) and will report back on your findings. Much of your work will be produced independently. However, there are frequent opportunities to share ideas either prior to, during or after written assignments. You should expect to complete approximately 6 hours of independent study outside of your lessons.

Course content:

Through studying English Language & Literature at A Level, you will have a unique opportunity to explore a broad range of ideas and concepts relating to the study of English. You will analyse how writers use language to express viewpoints in texts and create specific voices. You will also read and study a range of literary texts from the genres of drama, poetry and prose. The texts are taken from a range of time periods and will include both modern and pre-1900 texts. You will also have the opportunity to create your own fiction and non-fiction texts.

Subject specific events:

 You will be invited to attend university lectures and events to support your understanding of the course and to give you a taste of university life. There are also enrichment opportunities in partnership with Edge Hill University and The University of Liverpool. You will also have the opportunity to watch performances of the set texts from visiting theatre groups or through specific theatre trips.

Entry requirements:

You must achieve at least a grade 5 in GCSE English Literature or GCSE English Language

Methods of assessment:

 Component 1Voices in Speech and Writing

In this unit, you will study how writers create different voices within a literary genre.  In Section A, you will study a wide range of non-literary and digital texts from the 20th and 21st centuries.  In Section B, you will study one literary drama text. This is externally assessed and is worth 40% of the qualification.

Component 2Varieties in Lit. and Lang.

You will explore how writers convey their thoughts or ideas on a theme. You will develop your understanding of how writers use language techniques and literary devices to craft their work and communicate ideas or issues, making connections between texts as well as looking at the significance and influence of the contexts in which they were produced and received. This is externally assessed and is worth 40% of the qualification.

Component 3Creating Texts

In this unit, you will demonstrate your skills as a writer, crafting your own original texts for different audiences and purposes.  This is internally assessed, externally moderated and is worth 20% of the qualification).