Employability Day

On 16th January and 28th February, Rainford Sixth Form held two more of its annual Employability Days for Year 12. The Sixth Form team invited a variety of diverse speakers to attend, talk and inspire students about their prospective career choices. The days ran smoothly, beginning with informative talks on universities and apprenticeships, before splitting into different categories, with talks beings held for a range of careers, such as;

  • Midwifery
  • RAF/ Policing
  • Media and Journalism
  • STEM including MDV (Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science)

The talks were given by those working in their specific fields, giving highly useful insight into the reality of the career, and what it actually entails. As well as giving advice on the inner workings of their jobs, the speakers also helped the students understand what they will need to achieve in order to be successful in their career choice. Students listened to the personal stories of how the professionals came to have their jobs, and gave advice and tips on how students could follow a similar route.

When speaking to English Literature, Geography and Art student, Ellie Gore, she had this to say about attending the Media and Journalism talk, with Sunday Times journalist, David Collins:

“I thought the talk was really useful, as you could ask him questions about his day to day working life and find out and what skills and grades you needed to get into that career. He even told us about the undercover work he took part in, which was really interesting!”

Another Year 12 student, Holly Mantova, who attended the RAF and police talk, had this to say about the seminar:

“In my opinion, I thought it was really informative and covered lots of things, and they had lots of time for us to ask questions of our own. Overall, I really liked it and thought it was a useful experience”.

Law, History and ICT student, Olivia McCluskey, said this of the whole experience: “The day was useful, as the speeches provided information about the type of work the speakers were involved with. It gave a completely different perspective.”

Overall, the students found the day extremely useful, and the information provided was helpful as it allowed people to understand their chosen careers first hand. Students were able to interact and question ‘the real deal’, gaining personal insight, and bringing us one step closer to our future.

Written by Anya Greenhalgh (Year 12 student)