Life in sixth form

“I like being treated like an adult and the fact that it feels very different to school.”

All students attend interviews with their Learning Supervisor to ensure they receive the optimum support. These will be arranged at regular intervals during the year. Students also receive support from their Learning Supervisors during the designated tutor period, as required, on a daily basis. During these tutor periods, students will also be introduced to topical issues and debates to further their understanding of the world around them.

Contact between students and Learning Supervisors will also be via e-mail and students must ensure that they check their College e-mail on a regular basis. Each interview is vital for students’ progression and is an opportunity for additional support to be provided.

A Tutorial Programme will also be followed, every week for Year 12 students and as required for Year 13 students, and will be led by our Pastoral Leader. These will cover aspects such as applications to University / Employment and AS / A2 study skills.

In addition, we are proud to have a supportive programme in place for higher education applications. All students who will opt to go to University will receive a designated Higher Education Advisor from our senior Sixth Form staff team. This HE advisor will have regular meetings with their students toward the end of Year 12 and during the UCAS applications period to ensure that students are making informed choices and receive any support they may require to ensure that their applications are to the highest possible standard. Similarly high levels of support are provided to those students who opt to follow the path into an apprenticeship or employment with support available to aid CV writing and application processes.