Attendance Policy

A good level of attendance is vital in order to succeed at Advanced Level, and our expectation is that all students should achieve a minimum of 95% attendance. In order to support students in this endeavour, we, as a Sixth Form, monitor our students’ attendance very closely. Should an absence be unavoidable, the following procedure must be followed:

In the event of sickness

01744 887344

Please call the above number

Should you wake up in the morning and feel too ill to attend, you should telephone 01744 887344 before 8.30 am. You will be put through to voicemail where you should state your name, form, the nature of your illness and an indication, if possible, of when you expect to return.

If your illness should continue into a further week, you should phone again before 8.30am on the Monday of that week.

Your attendance and punctuality at all lessons will be monitored throughout the day. However, should you need to leave Sixth Form through illness or emergency you should notify Gaynor Rice – the Sixth Form Administrator.

Should your absences become repetitive, an interview with a member of the Sixth Form team will be arranged to seek an explanation, and medical certification may be required.

You should be aware that Sixth Form staff are here to support your learning and an exchange of communication is vital at all times, so problems can be rectified at the earliest opportunity.

In the event of holidays

Arranging holidays during term time should be avoided as this has proven in the past to be detrimental to student progress. In certain circumstances, however, family holidays may coincide with term time and request for a leave of absence should be submitted in writing well in advance of the date to a member of the Sixth Form team.

Open days

It is not necessary to travel to Open Days for every course you are considering. If you would like an idea of the kind of area you will be living in, the weekends will give an accurate representation of university life. For an insight into academic life at your possible choices, students applying for an institution will always be invited for a visit at the time of their UCAS application. This visit will be tailored specifically for the course you wish to follow and will avoid wasting time visiting the same places twice. Unfortunately, some students jeopardise a potential university place by missing too many lessons visiting too wide a range of institutions.

Again we reinforce the point that the Sixth Form team are here to support your learning and it is vitally important that you keep us informed of any reasons why you are absent.