A day in the life of a Sixth Form student

This article is about us – two students at Rainford Sixth Form, sharing our typical ‘day in the life’ experience. Our names are Olivia and Bethan.

I am Bethan. I am currently in Year 12 at Rainford Sixth Form as well. I study Biology, English Literature and Geography. I do EPQ and I also complete enrichment outside of college at Whiston Hospital, every Monday. First of all we would like to introduce the Sixth Form that we attend. Our Sixth Form is a fairly small building and contains classrooms, a library, a silent study area, a common room, a canteen and other facilities. Here are some pictures of us around the Sixth Form:

We begin our Tuesday by walking through the school to our form,taking inspiration fromthe wall to start ourday, the right way! After form Olivia goes to her Psychology lesson, whilst Bethan has a ‘free’ lesson and earnestly aeempts to do some revision, as teachers can’t stress enough that our exams are around the corner. Above, is a picture of Bethan working her socks off in her ‘free’. Luckily she has some brain food – from Carol’s Café (the college canteen), to help her along the way! After two periods, it is now break ;me! We both, on the daily, visit Carol’s and buy our favourite croissants. ONLY 50p!!! We sit and enjoy these whilst we sit and chat with our friends.

Next is a study period which we both have together. This ;me is extremely productive and WE GET WORK DONE! After our study, we both have English Literature and go to our lockers and get our English folders. This is us in our English lesson… Next, it is lunch;me and Olivia has no more lessons for the rest of the day, so she heads home. Bethan has Biology period 6. In this particular lesson, she was studying ‘dihybrid’ crosses (…don’t ask me?!) which is part of the ‘inheritance’ section in the A2 course. This was then the end of Bethan’s day and she heads home by getting the school bus to have a well-deserved rest!